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Eventbrite - ICAI Fall Seminar-Dr. Andre Camelli








ICAI Presents Our

2016 Fall Seminar!


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Location: Hilton Garden Inn

(Indianapolis Northeast / Fishers)


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 Saturday                                                       September 10th     8 am - 12 pm / 1 pm - 5 pm                     

 Sunday (Risk Management)      September 11th     8 am - 12 pm



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Dr. Andre Camelli

Are you tired of adjusting the same patterns over and over? Are you ready to get to the cause rather than treat the effect? Learn to read the patient’s body when they are on the table with a simple leg length test that will help you incorporate basic nutrition with chiropractic.

Stay efficient with this systems analysis that takes less than 1 minute to complete, and learn a low force adjusting technique. This is an easy system that will get your patients amazing results, attract great referrals, and help patients hold their adjustments better!

Plus, you will walk away with your own specialized protocol – experience it for yourself and avoid chasing symptoms!

Basic Systems Include:

• Endocrine • pH/Mineral • Glycemic • Systemic Inflammation • Cardio • Fat & Water Soluble Vitamins • Digestive 

Advanced Systems Include:

  • Brain
  • Immune
  • Infection
  • Toxins
  • Oxidative Stress
  • Trace Minerals


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  Dear Fellow Indiana Chiropractor,                                                                                                                               

History shows that, each New Year will bring many new challenges to the chiropractic profession. As such, we will continue to need your involvement and commitment to stave off these challenges. Enclosed, please find your 2016 Membership Application to the International Chiropractor’s Association of Indiana.  Please take a moment to complete and return it.


As membership applications go out again this year, we know that many will ask: “why should I become a member of a state association?”  Do I want to be a part of something that I am interested in? Do I like to spend time with “like-minded” others who share my passions, ideas, and similar thought processes? Am I looking for answers that can help me to be more successful or to build the practice of my dreams? Do I simply understand the necessity of supporting my profession?


To answer these questions and address these needs, we have concluded that, perhaps the best way to address all of these would be to establish a variety of specialty practice councils that would appeal to a broad number of our membership. Hopefully, this would make our appeal broad enough to give ICAI something to offer ALL of our members individually, and still make us a stronger, more cohesive, group dedicating to serving and advance our chiropractic principles.


Currently, we plan to offer four areas of interest to get you engaged in the ICA-I. Special communities will be built and specific councils will be established, each with their own seminars, to address these topics. When filing out your membership application, you will see that we have also included a new level of membership. At the Platinum level, you will be able to attend ALL future ICAI seminars (including spring and fall) for no additional seminar tuition fees. Also, as an ICA-I member, membership in your first council is free. Just mark the box next to the council that you are interested in and one of the council chairs will contact you and get you active and engaged. This is how simple this whole thing is! It’s really all about you and your interests!


In our new and updated website, our membership section (which will be free of charge to our members) will keep you up- to-date about what is going on in the state as it relates to ICA-I activities, chiropractic news, and chiropractic legislation.


Here too, we will maintain an area for classified advertisements for the sale and purchase of offices, equipment, practices, and for finding internships, associates or partnerships. Today, you can use the email address below to inquire and or indicate what it is you may want to share with your colleagues in the form of purchases or internships, for example.


Eventually, being a part of the International Chiropractors Association of Indiana will create more and better opportunities for you as we work to develop more for our membership!


Currently, we are also working to improve our spring and fall seminars to bring you even more dynamic speakers with today’s current subject matter. We will post our spring and fall seminar to our new website far in advance so that you can arrange your schedule with less personal inconvenience. It is also important to get feedback from you on what vendors

and speaker subject is important to you! Please contact us at so we can approach vendors that make sense for your type of practice!


Yes, there will be more! But, in order to make a significant impact on chiropractic in Indiana, ICA-I needs you! Please make sure that you fill out your membership form and get it in quickly! Remember to check the “Council” box so that we can contact you and get you engaged in something that you may have a lot of fun with and will make an impact on your practice, life, and community.


Please, join us today and become a 2016 member of the ICA-I. The most “value-add” chiropractic association in Indiana! Thank you!

Todd McDougle, D.C.

President, ICA-I                                   


                                                           International Chiropractors Association of Indiana
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